Import particlesystem from blender

Hello has anyone actually succeeded in importmesh…
and import and run a particlesystem made in blender?
Im facing problem with this the imported particlesystem doesnt play.

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Pinging @JCPalmer but I do not think we export particles from blender

No, the JSON / .babylon exporter does not. Read your log file @droggam, It should have a message generated to the effect that particle systems are not exportable.

I have played with particle hair, converted into a mesh. That was fairly specialized. The converted mesh will not go thru the exporter as a normal mesh, since the exporter only exports faces, not vertices and edges.

Even then it would be a mesh, not a particle system in BJS. If you can document how the settings of a Blender particle system line up to the parsed values in BJS, see, then perhaps it might be possible.

I have no need myself to do this. Probably easiest to just code one in Javascript.