Imported 3D-Gltf Model not clickable and recognized

I imported a 3D-Gltf Model to my scene successfully, but it is not clickable. The value “isPickable” is true, but when I am running the scene and clicking on the object in the web it is not being recognized by “pickResult”. I imported the Model from Blender and already checked if it provides Colliders and it should, but I still assume that there is a problem with the Collider as the Model is imported and displayed perfectly, but just cant be recognized by a click. I made a smaller Playground to explain my problem: Babylon.js Playground and I also tried everything of this page: Loading Any File Type | Babylon.js Documentation, but still cant make it work. I also tried including a PhysicsEngine, but also not with a succesful result.
Therefore I wanted to ask if someone here has an idea on how to approach this problem as I tried everything I found in the forum, but still could not make it work.

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newMeshes is not defined in your callback function. Also, the first mesh of a gltf loaded file is not a true mesh, it is a transform node that handles the left handed/right handed system conversion.

Here’s one way to do what you want:

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Welcome ! My respected Popov has given a complete explanation. So I just want to say that you can also register events on the scene .like this:

Thanks for the fast answers! The approach of @Evgeni_Popov worked, so thanks again! I will try the approach of @musk as well, so thanks to you as well!