Imported mesh not existing without an error

I imported a mesh made in blender. a 1x1x1 cube. It’s not showing up.

There is no console error, and it’s not appearing in the inspector.

Works here :

I just put the first empty parameter in ImportMesh


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Thanks, but why doesn’t it alt-f4 itself it it has a name?
First param is the name of mesh you want to import, if the name is not empty then it try to import the mesh with given name.
In your case there is not mesh with the name you gave.
The name of your mesh is “Box”, so if you want to fill the name too you can try this
Or without, as Dad72 sugested

Please look at my user icon. Thanks for the explanation.

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I really like it :joy: Cheers!

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Thanks! That’s why I changed it to what it is now! :laughing: