Imported Mesh Visibility

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble getting an imported mesh to be invisible while its clones remain visible.

For instance:

ImportedMesh.isVisible = false;

ImportedMeshClone.isVisible = true;

Whenever I make the original imported mesh invisible, the clones disappear as well :thinking:

In the PG below, the original mesh has the checker texture:

Could you provide a PG that does not work?

In your PG, you are not cloning the imported mesh but the one you named B in your code.

Here’s a simple playground that has a sphere, and a cloned version of the sphere. The sphere is then made invisible with:

sphere.isVisible = false;

Hello @PirateJC and @Evgeni_Popov. Thanks for taking a look at this!

According to the Inspector, the imported meshes are redCube, blueCube, and greenCube (three meshes from the same imported file). When I clone the parent (B), clones of the cubes are generated as well.

Here’s a PG where I set redCube, blueCube, and greenCube to invisible.

I suspect I might not know how to reference the original imported meshes properly :thinking: