Inspector gizmos don't work

In general, gizmo works fine,like this

i can drag to update node postion,scale and rotation.
But when I set the camera view far away,i can not drag the gizmos.
Can anyone answer this question for me,thanks!!

With the default playground, it does work for me even when the sphere is very far from the camera:

I think we will need a repro in the Playground to be able to help.

sorry,i don’t know how to create playground.
you can set camera para radius = 200000,just like this:

In this case,gizmo didn’t work

cc @Cedric, maybe there’s a limitation on the range of the gizmos?

I don’t remember any particular limitation.
I think it has to do with pixel->world coordinate conversion. I’m taking a look.

excuse me,have you found the reason? :joy: :joy:

Not yet. It’s still on my radar