Playground - Inspector window disappears after clicking the DISPLAY tab on a scene node

The inspector disappears when I click on a node in my playground and click the DISPLAY tab.
I can reactivate the Inspector, but it disappears again, when clicking the node in the scene.
It will do that again from that point, so I cannot select and inspect the scene node.

Helps on a different browser for one time, then it does the same behavior.

Where could be the issue?

Thx. werner

Hey @yamaciller welcome to the forums!

You mind linking the specific playground with which node is doing this. Can be helpful for us to debug what’s going on for ya today. :slight_smile:

Thank you for welcoming me.
Here is the playground link.


I think I found the issue.

jordanMesh.visibility = true;
jordanMeshf.visibility = true;

caused the inspector to close.
Removing that line does bring back the Inspector and the Display tab.

Actaully the Displaytab seemed to be broken with the jordanMesh.visibility = true;


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Glad you found the error in the code. :+1:

I think the expected value for visibility is a number between 0 and 1.

jordanMesh.visibility = 1.0 does not have a problem.