Does Babylonjs currently working on implementing SLAM

I was wondering that is babylon working on adding SLAM (simultaneously localization and mapping) capabilities to the library, and if yes, roadmap and the time duration till it is released ?

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The Babylon team doesn’t plan to add this feature to the library at the time, but maybe someone else is working on it(?)

cc @Cedric, as this may be related to user agents and automated moving…

Thanks for the information. i asked this question cuz i came across a comment in the post below saying that the babylon team is working on it and currently i am studying SLAM for web AR

WebXR offers the same functionality (in AR mode). Is it not enough?

I am working on the device tracking and plane detection of SLAM, and to my knowledge WebXR doesn’t support those, am i right ?

WebXR does plane detection (and also depth detection, experimental) when used in immersive-ar mode on supporting devices. For now android only, but it is supported there.