Interaction events cannot get mesh

In this topic:How to build a custom mesh has the same looking as edgesRenderer result?
I use create a custom line box.But the box doesn’t seem to work as a pickedMesh for interaction events.
I can’t pick edges-box.Or pointerMove/pointerPick event can’t take it as pickedMesh.

The custom box has different vertex data from the original box. If you render the vertices of the custom box and try to click on them, you can see the pick works for them.


I don’t quite understand the creation principle of this edges-box, I want to know is there any way to make it interact with the box?

Can you describe more what is “interact” here? You want to be able to click on the edge lines?

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I don’t know how this edges-box is created. Does this box have no faces? I wonder if it can interact like the original box? or is it just some lines? Can the lines of the edges-box interact?
Interaction refers to click, move over mesh, etc.