Interior mapping shader

Interior Mapping is a commonly used feature that is very helpful for saving performance and improving scene effects. However, I don’t know how to achieve this effect in Babylon. If anyone has implemented it, please share the creation method. Thank you.

I’m not aware of a Babylon.js implementation of this, but it’s definitely cool and useful, and looks easy enough to port to Babylon.js.

Moved to Feature Requests and tagging @roland and @tibotiber as it may have practical use for you.

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Thanks for the tag @inteja, it’s indeed an interesting one :slight_smile:

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It still doesn’t work, it hasn’t achieved the desired effect.


Thanks! Commonly used in games with a town/city environment with a lot of shops on the streets. These areas are not interactive, you can’t enter them but you can add depth to the interiors. Before inventing this technique game devs used just a plane and a texture on it.

I heard about this stuff several years ago and if I can recall it correctly it was first introduced on a Playstation game.

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Some packs …

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Awesome stuff! :love_hotel:

Looks like you’re getting close though!

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I’ve found an experiment PG I did a while ago. It looks like it works.


Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes_cat:

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It’s simply fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.