Internet Explorer Support

Hey team!
I would like to know if we can safely remove IE support from Babylonjs vNext

Please reply to this tiny poll.

Should we remove IE support?

  • No! Please keep the million of lines of code to support this piece of History
  • Yes! Please remove that crap. It will help reduce the size of the framework

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I don’t think anyone uses IE these days. Edje has replaced IE. Most people use google chrome or firefox. Edje too.
I also ask myself this question, who still uses this thing called Internet Explorer.

Yes, you have to remove it from Babylon and ban the use of IE (I used to do that on php game sites before, IE was giving me too much headaches)


If you are still running IE odds are you are not really the type to be viewing babylon/webgl content


Please drop support for Internet explorer. Edge has replaced it already.


Since Microsoft officially stopped support for IE, I don’t think the BabylonJS community should invest more time in it in future version too, because it will vanish gradually as the OS are updated :thinking:


For the love of all things holy, yes remove support for IE, please!!!

Think of all the nice toys we miss out on (OTOMH)

  • Smaller and more efficient overall package sizes
  • AMD/module support
  • dropping support for WebGL since everything except IE runs WebGL2
    ^^ that alone unlocks a whole swatch of shader includes and features that could then be available in e.g., the NME.

I do love how committed to back compat the team is, no doubt, but I feel ya gotta let go sometime, right? That said, I can think of a related argument against dropping IE support - oh wait, nope. There the thought goes, gone with my youth, windows XP, and IE :laughing:


Completely agree with jelster.

I completely forgot about windows xp OS.
I started with windows 98 and windows 2000.
Good after that remains good for the 90s and 2000s
It has evolved so much.

Oh and for now the poll says 100% to trash that old IE thing from the 1995s.
0% to keep it.
I really like his polls where everyone is unanimous. It’s so rare. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the version of WebGL in IE was 0.94 and was treated as experimental.
Now that WebGL 2.0 has become mainstream, there is no need to support versions of WebGL less than 1.0.

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It is happening people!!
Removed IE support. It was long overdue :wink: by deltakosh · Pull Request #12563 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


@Deltakosh : Blimey, I think the last time I used Internet Explorer was back in my VRML days - and then moved to Netscape as IE crashed so often.

Stay Safe All, gryff +:)