The forum doesn't show on IE11 anymore

It’s just a white screen now, with this in the console:

Unfortunately ie11 is now an old browser and I understand that Discourse does not want to support it anymore

Ok, so it’s something that happened on Discourse’s side?
And just like the playground, it’s a shame support just gets dropped like that overnight, while BJS itself is all about backward-compatibility, its first golden rule :confused:

Yep it is on Discourse side:( and maybe it is a bug

For Babylon.js, it still work on ie11 of course:)

For the pg, because of monaco(code editor) we decided to drop or support (and I’m sad about that)

I see:

And their demo forum has the same bug.

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So the cofounder of Stack Overflow also founded Discourse. Impressive.


Ohh dear - as I type on a Windows XP PC using Firefox that they stopped producing 2 years ago (?) :confounded:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Bjs still supports IE of course :smiley:

Just noticed today that it works again :slightly_smiling_face:

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