Invert logo text (black to white, white to black)

I’m new to babylon js and I’m amazed at what I have discovered so far but there’s something I’m trying to do but I’m struggling with.

I have a logo on texture and I’d like to be able to flip the white on a black background to a black logo on a white background. Any pointers on how I would do this are greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance for any help!

Hello and welcome,

I would recommend using custom postprocess:

Thank you for pointer, i’ll take a look at postprocess, i had assumed that post-processes were for camera effects such and bloom, grains etc. I was trying to see if image filters would do what I want until you replied to my question. can I apply a postprocess on a one off basis to my logo texture t invert it and then use the inverted version elsewhere as a texture ?

Yes, Definitely, actually you might want to take a look at procedural texture Use Procedural Textures - Babylon.js Documentation as they use a shader to wrap a texture on which you could run any effects.