Inverted mesh normals with Bones Node

Hi babylon team, here is the shader i am working on following NME-material: #KL1MFU#16. , (please click on the model to see the shader)

When i apply the bones node in NME the normals get inverted, so i have to mirror the z-coordinates.

What I expect to see is this, (please click on the model to see the shader)
This is the original shader in the NME #KL1MFU#1

can this be done easier or what don’t I understand? Thank you for your time

@Evgeni_Popov could it be related to your latest changes ?

No, the changes were related to the PerturbNormal block, not the Bones block. In any case, these changes do not affect the node material of the PG because the PerturbNormal.worldTangent input is not connected.

I tested with another node material (the one coming from the docs) which are using all the PBR blocks and to which I added the Bones block:

As you can see it is working, so there’s a problem with your material. As it is a bit complex, I would advice to remove as many blocks as possible to start from something that works, then add back the blocks one by one until it fails.


Hello @Mr_TT just checking in if you need any more help?