ShaderMaterial with no erros but mesh is transparent

:exclamation: :person_raising_hand: Guys, can anyone help me, please? :person_raising_hand: :exclamation:

I’m trying to implement this shader that was generated in NME, but it doesn’t work. Neither using the exported json node material file, the generated code, or the shader code.

I think it’s something related to the 3 custom blocks I added to NME.

The node material was built error-free in NME.

Error reproduced in Playground:

Shader in NME (working as it should):

Seems this PG is working - Babylon.js Playground

BABYLON.NodeMaterial.ParseFromSnippetAsync("#83184G#1", scene).then((nodeMaterial) => {
  ground.material = nodeMaterial;


Thx, man! Just update with the latest version of Babylon.