Is a camera able to be both anaglyphic and orthographic?

For some reason. I need a camera which is both anaglyphic and orthographic.
I create a AnaglyphArcRotateCamera, and I set it to orthographic.
But It seems that the code " camera.mode = BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA;" is not working

Maybe the projection matrix in the vertex shader should have been ORTHOGRAPHIC in this case, I suppose.

I feel this should work, let me investigate.

Talked with the team and we confirmed it’s a bug, we’ll just need a little more time to fix it as we want to confirm the best method to do it and some team members are on vacation :smiling_face:

Thanks. I’m looking forward your fix.

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PR up: [Camera] Pass ortho camera values down to rigCameras by carolhmj · Pull Request #12741 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (