Babylon 2D - For easy 2D canvas interaction

I was working with the somewhat painful CanvasRenderingContext2D API and thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was enjoyable? As I have some experience working with the API, I would like to work on making a 2D engine for Babylon. The 2D engine would be completely decoupled from the main engine. What do you all think?

well we kind of have something along these line with GUI: The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation (

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This may work, though I feel as if it is too complex and is not a full engine. Regardless of my opinions, it is comprehensive and working fine - maybe I will make my own 2D engine. Thanks!

Maybe something like Assyrian JS, since
“… Assyria was one of the two major Mesopotamian kingdoms, alongside Babylonia …” (Wikipedia)

You could have a look at or which are focused on 2d - babylon does 3d well and it’s probably better to be a great tool for one use case than a mediocre tool for two