Is it possible to apply the reflection in Babylon to the .GLB file?

So, you changed all 3 materials of those 3 meshes in your model?

What I did is, find the reflective meshes of the glb in the Sandbox. Then wrote, scene.getMeshByName(“MirrorMesh01”).material = mirrorMaterial. Since, total there are 9 meshes so assigned all the “MirrorMesh01-09” mirrorMaterial. But no change after all. Then, applied a green color to the glassMaterial, but saw that on loading, MirrorMesh sides were in green for a short time (like for a second before the whole model loaded up) but the MirrorMeshes remained black in color, not green.

Do you have any errors in the console?


Are you able to assign any other material to those meshes?
What is shown in the Inspector?

Applied blue color to the mirrorMaterial and assigned it to the other mesh in the glb and it is working great, but when applied same to the mirror in the glb, outlines of the mirror are in blue (when viewed from an angle), rest of the mirror is invisible.

Also, when I rotate the mirror Mesh in the glb file, it gets extend to such a length that it disappears but when I stopped in between, the mirror mesh was in blue, and the other side was invisible (exactly as a mirrorMaterial). What should I do in this case? Is it possible to rotate the meshes inside the glb via rotation property so can I turn the mirror mesh 180 degrees and bring its reflective property outside??

Probably this is related to inverted normals. You may try mesh.flipFaces(true).
Also, just to check if everything is almost correct - could you try to use mirrorMaterial with the provided monitor model? If it works, you need to inspect your model more closely, maybe there are some flaws…


Thank you so much. It was applied to the other side, flipped it and is reflecting nicely.