Is it possible to change resolution for camera in VR mode?

I mean the settings on the web page, not user-side device settings. It seems doesn’t changed by using SceneOptimizer

cc @RaananW (I don’t understand the question, maybe it’s because I don’t know anything about VR. But maybe you could try to be more specific in case it wasn’t just me).

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The resolution is set by the device itself and is not controlled by us. There are different things you can do to improve scene rendering, like changing the FPS if the system supports it. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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Thanks for replying.

It seems only optimizing scene rendering seems not enough for my case, so I was thinking if I can reduce the resolution in VR mode

you can technically change the amount of pixels rendered, similar to device pixel ratio in the browser, by passing a different framebufferScaleFactor to the canvas options when initializing the session

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