Is it possible to make datamoshing effect?

Hello people, I am currently creating horror game with babylonJs

I this game I need a datamoshing effect with the camera,

for who didn’t know what is it, it’s when the compression of video is too high with a glitch effect.
here an exemple: Datamosh Short Example - YouTube

In my game it will be like we enter a room then the datamoshing start then the player is in other room after the effect.

I tryed to build camera post process, without success. Is it possible with BabylonJs ?

here the start of my playground: Babylon.js Playground

thanks a lots

Welcome aboard!

It’s possible to do it but you will need to either write the shader or find an existing one and port it.

For eg:

It’s some unity code, so a bit of work would be required to port them to Babylon.