Is it possible to set Int, UInt, or byte vertices buffers (WebGPU)?

Hello, I am writing a WGSL shader where I utilize some vertex buffers. So far, I have been setting the float vertex buffers using Mesh.setVerticesData(). However, the method only accepts floats and not integers. I have a use case for associating an integer with each vertex and accessing those data in the vertex shader. Is there a way to do this? If not, would it be possible to implement such a feature or is there a WebGPU limitation?


It accepts BABYLON.FloatArray

export type FloatArray = number[] | Float32Array;

so you can use integers. Even in Float32Array you can use integers. Just cast it i32(value).

Thanks! I will try this shortly.

You can create a VertexBuffer and call setVerticesBuffer: