Webgpu: use a GPUBuffer directly for creating a VertexBuffer

I am simulating a large particule system.
For this purpose, I have written WebGPU compute shaders as well as instanciation code, which is well contained into a sim class.

I want to pass the output (GPUBuffer) that represent vertices positions to the renderer.
So I would like to create a BABYLON.VertexBuffer that directly use an existing GPUBuffer. Is this possible ?

I would like to keep a clean separation between the simulation code (WebGPU only) and the rendering code (Babylonsjs).


Then you’ll have to copy the output buffer to the vertex buffer of the shader. But I believe you could pass a Float32Array read from your WebGPU buffer to the shader directly. It still counts as a good separation concept to me.

Thanks Roland.
How to pass a GPUBuffer Float32Array to the babylon buffer directly on the GPU (without having the data going to the CPU)?

Should my WebGPU code call GPUCommandEncoder.copyBufferToBuffer(source: GPUBuffer, sourceOffset: number, destination: GPUBuffer, destinationOffset: number, size: number): void to handle the copy directly to the babylon buffer ?
If so, I need to access the underlying GPUBuffer of the Babylon buffer. Is this possible?

Or maybe you thought of another way?

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Webgpu: use a GPUBuffer directly for creating a VertexBuffer

Check this out!


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Look for the Boids WebGPU example PG.

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This can also be relevant

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Hi Roland,
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