Is it possible to set the location for the texture?

Hello everyone

I want to know is it possible to set the location for the texture , for example is it possible to put the texture from location of the edge of the plane?
here is a sample PG:

Hey Arash,

You can use the UVs to position where a texture is on a mesh


Probably a easier way would be to do it in a 3d modeling program e.g blender

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Hey @kestrelpi
Thanks a lot :pray: :pray:

sorry for my another question, Is it possible to stop the repeating the texture? I want to use a texture and put it on my map in terms of the location, and I don’t want to repeat the texture over the map.

Set texture.wrapU and/or wrapV to clamp i.e. Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE or 0.

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