Is my PBRMaterial broken or is dev dumb?

Heya, so I have this scene with a mesh with PBR Material and lighting setup.

When I set the albedo Texture everything is just black.

Shouldn’t setting just the albedo texture at least show the colors?

If you uncomment line 58 of my repro below

mat.metallicTexture = metallic;

you will instantly see the colors of the BaseColor texture


Am I dumb? What’s the issue here?

A fully metallic reflects the environment so you do not see its albedo but the reflection which in this case is fully black.

You would need to set an environment texture up to not only see black here: Using An HDR Environment For PBR | Babylon.js Documentation

Or not have the material metallic

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I am indeed dumb; I think I need sleep

Thanks a lot!


I’ve applied the metallic-ness to the materials and I added brighter lighting to improve the environment
Do you have any idea why this mesh is now partially black? I’m pretty confused because the albedoTexture isn’t black in those spots

It is because your models have black vertex colors m.useVertexColors = false; would do it but please create smaller more targetted repros as it can help the community help you :slight_smile:

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I apologize, I do get carried away; I appreciate the feedback though, I’ll be better!
Thank you for the help!

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I love the title of this post. I’m asking myself this very same question at least 5 times a day :grin:

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