Is that the attachedNode setter wrong?

Like the above topic.AttachedNode is a new accessor to support for nodes.So we use attachedNode can effect that seem like attachedMesh?But it can not effect obviously.Because some gizmo method will use attachedMesh,but it is null when we use attachedNode.Is there something I misunderstood?

I think that the attachedNode accessor is not to compatible with attachedMesh.It use in other ways,like the doc said boundingBoxGizmo only support mesh.So we should not use attachedNode in boundingBoxGizmo.

Yup maybe we should override it and log a message in this one @carolhmj ?

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Is it because of the previous implementation that boundingBoxGizmo only works with meshes?Like the doc said:

It is because a transformNode does not have a bounding box :slight_smile: but attachedNode is part of the base class. @carolhmj is working on it.

Added a PR to warn the user: Add warning to Bounding Box Gizmo by carolhmj · Pull Request #12551 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (