Warning logged when GizmoManager's BoundingBoxGizmo is enabled

When using the GizmoManager with the BoundingBoxGizmo enabled the below warning is logged when attaching to a mesh:

“Using the attachedNode attribute in BoundingBoxGizmo is not supported. Please use attachedMesh instead.”

Here’s a playground repro (it can also be reproduced using the Inspector).

EDIT: I just realized that the warning is actually logged when the bounding box gizmo is enabled, not when the mesh is attached, so here’s an updated, narrower repro. :slight_smile:

cc @carolhmj, I think we are missing a condition in the check for the warning ?

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Also a related issue I just noticed is that when attaching to null to remove the gizmo, the warning is logged then as well.

Oh thanks for catching this! I thought that using attachedNode with the BoundingBoxGizmo wasn’t supported, but that does happen in the GizmoManager! :open_mouth: Guess it’s better to remove the warning then…

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Open Revert “Add warning to Bounding Box Gizmo (#12551)” by carolhmj · Pull Request #12679 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

same here :slight_smile: