Is the playground broken in Chrome today for anyone else?

I’m trying to follow some documentation links, and the Playground is coming up as just a white window, with the following message in the Console:

babylon.playground.js:16 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'IsSupported' of undefined
    at t.render (VM444 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at js (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at Fs (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at ma (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at ul (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at al (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at $a (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at Ya (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at Rl (VM444 babylon.playground.js:37)
    at VM444 babylon.playground.js:37
t.render @ babylon.playground.js:16
js @ babylon.playground.js:37
Fs @ babylon.playground.js:37
ma @ babylon.playground.js:37
ul @ babylon.playground.js:37
al @ babylon.playground.js:37
$a @ babylon.playground.js:37
Ya @ babylon.playground.js:37
Rl @ babylon.playground.js:37
(anonymous) @ babylon.playground.js:37
tl @ babylon.playground.js:37
zl @ babylon.playground.js:37
t.render @ babylon.playground.js:37
t.Show @ babylon.playground.js:16
(anonymous) @ index.js:107
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ index.js:105
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ index.js:98

I’m using the latest Chrome with the WebXR emulation extension (I’m not in immersive mode) on OS X. Safari is working fine.

My Chrome is working fine. First thing to do is to clear Chrome cache and check.

I know why actually, bug fix on its way!

It’s fixed now! (Chrome cache had already been cleared previously, I keep it disabled when dev tools is up)