Is there a a way to make a mesh visible only in reflection probe?

I have created a scene which has a model and a skybox. Meshes material reflects the skybox (e.g. skybox is in the reflection probe’s render list). Skybox visibility is toggled during the render. Scene has a transparent clear color. Is there a way to keep skybox visible in the reflection probe while skybox is not shown in the scene?
I tried 3 ways to achieve it:

  1. tried to disable skybox (e.g. skybox.setEnabled(false))
  2. tried to set visibility to 0 (e.g. skybox.visibility = 0)
  3. tried to change camera’s maxZ to a value which is smaller than the distance between camera and skybox’s facet.
    All of those approaches give the same result: skybox is not invisible in both scene and reflection probe.

Here is the link to my example:

If there wouldn’t be need to support a transparent clear color, I would just create a smaller skybox and wouldn’t add it to the reflection probe’s render list. But it doesn’t work for transparent clear color because skyboxes’s colors are blended.


Hi julee,

I think you can achieve the effect you’re going for by using a cube texture as an HDR environment with physically-based rendering. Does the following Playground achieve the right look?


Thank you, this is a good solution!