Is there a shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().auto_add_all_meshes_in_scene( scene )?

Because the current method of having to add all meshes individually looks nice for a few demos here and there but would be a freaking nightmare for anything actually usable like importing a massive scene from Blender consisting of tens of thousands of objects.
Doing shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList.push(“Each individual Mesh”);
wouldn’t cut it.

Is there a shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().auto_add_all_meshes_in_scene(scene) ?

line #68

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shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList = scene.meshes;

Thank you !

Then I try to do:
scene.meshes.recieveShadows = true;
to make EVERYTHING receive shadows as well and nothing happens :frowning:

Yep, BJS Scene class object IS amazing indeed.

scene.meshes is an array, not an object. Of course nothing will happen. Know JS at all?

Might need to iterate: for (mesh of scene.meshes) { mesh.receiveShadows = true }

PS: Everyone is really enjoying your drama-queening communication style. Huff and puff much?


What ?

As previously mentioned @BritneyWatch please consider making a Playground example (PG) so that community members can take a look at your code and offer useful suggestions.

Just posting screenshots and non-working code snippets means people have to guess what you’re struggling with and why … you’ll get more satisfactory help and support by learning to use playground examples.

I don’t know how to do that.

Follow the link I posted … it explains it all.

Where is the load ? How do you upload your files ?

Did you read that page? Down the bottom there’s further resources including Using External Assets in the Playground

But there’s a bunch of resources already available for testing purposes.

Available playground resources:

Reading the doc…
I have to…upload my assests to a CORS compliant what ?
Then I have to Raw Git to jsDelivr ? what ? Do I also have to turn up the flex capacitor ?
What about energizing the sub-nuclues regenerator ?

It’s alright, I rather just forget about this question.

Sorry but this is the best way to learn.

Just go to and play around with it … it’s not that hard if you already know a little javascript.

I’m done here.

Manually programming a sphere is easy in the playground, it is the uploading that’s a ton of bricks.
It’s ok, I’m done here too.

I warned you many times…this is not the kind of aggressive behavior we want…ban hammer incoming…

Just sad I have to do that

This time it is only a month. So use this time to think about being kind please

We have to create a First!.. banned badge :upside_down_face:

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ok took me quite a while to find this line…solved all the dilemma.

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