Shadows not being generated with Asset Manager

I’ve been trying to apply a shadow to objects I import using the Assets Manager, but keep running into errors. I assumed that I’d want to push the loaded meshes to my getShadowMap().renderList after the asset manager task was complete, but I am met with this error below. Am I perhaps pushing the wrong meshes to the renderList? For reference I am using .glTF files for this project if that makes a difference.
This is my code for when the asset manager task is complete:

    meshTask1.onSuccess = (task) => {
      const exterior = new TransformNode('exterior');
      task.loadedMeshes.forEach((mesh) => {
        if (!mesh.parent) {
          mesh.parent = exterior;
        mesh.isPickable = false;
      (this.shadowGenerator as any)

Hey! do you mind sharing a repro in the Playground?

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Apologies, here’s the link:

If you comment out line 64 you will see the issue appear

Let me take a look :slight_smile:

OH! I think I’m starting to see what the problem is.

Note your model is really big so I substituted it for a different one to make the debugging faster.

Now what I think you want to do instead is move the non working line up a tad and add them one at a time. Now after doing that I got it to run, but no shadows showing up. So I looked at our example in the documentation and was like “hmmm what’s the difference”

Taking a look at this demo:
receiveShadows = true;


The renderList.push method is expecting a single mesh. You can pass something like ...arrayOfMesh to avoid looping over all the meshes of the array.

You also need to enable the ground to receive shadows:


Ah I didn’t realize it would only take a single mesh. Thank you for the quick answer!