Is there any way to change the UVset in the Editor?

If i import an asset from maya it does work fine if i use the second UVset but there is no way to change that later on in the editor.

Hello and welcome.
Pinging @julien-moreau who is the author of the editor

Thanks Deltakosh!

Hey @oglu!
Adding the feature ASAP :slight_smile:

Think its not needed for every texture input.
Maybe only for ambient and lightmaps?
Im not sure if thats less work to implement.

Hi @julien-moreau is there a new version planned to support Babylon 4.0
We would like todo all our work with the editor.


Hi @oglu
The version 3.0.0 of the editor is planned for the BJS 4.0. It’ll contain all the fixes of the known bugs. The community also asked to manage multiple scenes so it’ll be available as well.

Focusing on your request, are you loading a .babylon scene? gltf?
To be sure I’m not wrong, why do you want to change uv sets?
Thanks for your answer

Hi, thanks for posting on the weekend!

There is no way to export lightmaps from maya so we have to assign them in the editor. And lightmaps do need unique uvs and those are on uvset2.

We use. babylon files.

If i create a skyBox in the editor non of the settings get saved.
Is this the same delta issue or a bug?

How do i work with the editor if non of the settings are saved.?

pinging @julien-moreau

Creating a skybox with the editor should be saved :frowning:
Going to reproduce the bug ASAP. Have you added a Cube Mesh or a Sky Effect ?

To help you, once the 3.0 of the editor is released, I’ll work on the delta thing to be able to customize properties even if objects come from the original scene file.

The skybox itself is saved but not the changes i made to the fog.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to version 3!

Have you activated the fog by changing the value in the scene?
Scene configuration is not exported as well except things you can’t do in modelers (such as glow layers, environment map etc.)

Thanks for info.

The delta feature is almost working. I’m still testing it!
It now saves deltas from meshes, lights, cameras and materials
Going to add for sounds, scene and textures as well