isEnabled equivalent for textures?

I’m able to write a little wrapper for texture.isEnabled, before I do so…figured I’d better ask: is there an equivalent of isEnabled for textures? Or rather, what’s the team using for chking textures in the src? I don’t see an equivalent in the api. fyi, I just need:

material.emissiveTexture.isEnabled = true;
if (material.emissiveTexture.isEnabled){
    material.emissiveTexture.level = 1;
} else {
    material.emissiveTexture.level = 0;

There are no such properties because in my opinion it would not make much sense on the texture object itself (I don’t know what it means for a texture to be enabled or disabled? Think about it outside the context of the material and only at the texture level).

It would make more sense at the material level, something like enableEmissiveTexture=true/false but that would mean a bunch of new properties with little added value: just set the texture to null if you want to disable the corresponding functionality.

Setting the level as you do works but is not the best in terms of performance as the texture is still sampled in the shader.

ok, understood. Thanks!