TextureCanvas: A texture for drawing textures onto

Hi all,

Let me introduce you to TextureCanvas: a Babylon Texture just for drawing other textures. Compared to DynamicImage for drawing textures or images, it has the benefit of having all resources directly available to it on the GPU, and providing a specialized API.

Here’s the GitHub page, which also includes three demo playgrounds and the documentation:

Here’s an example of something you can do with it, which is painting textures on a plane:

This is an ongoing project, and any feedback would be appreciated!


This is excellent!!!
That should be on our extension repo for sure!

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Excellent idea and choose of implementation


Aaaand, we’re live!


Thanks, @Deltakosh


Hey I’m on a phone that only likes ambient or emissive textures, is there a way or example available for devices with remedial texture support?

no thank you!

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Hi, you can just set a material’s emissive texture to be the canvas, like in the draw example & the playground on the bottom of the doc

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I had missed this subject. It’s really cool. I keep it aside. And it works very well, much better than what I did for my field editor.

Thanks for that Gijs

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