Issue updating thin instance boundary information

Good afternoon! I recently started learning BabylonJS and I liked using ThinInstances.

So I wanted to change the position of each instance separately, I succeeded, but as soon as the instance goes beyond the bounding box the ray stops reaching the think instance.

I found thinInstanceRefreshBoundingInfo method that updates the thin instance’s boundary information, but it doesn’t seem to work as it should, because after executing the bounding Info is not updated.

Here is an example:


Hello @Akeyn ! Cool avatar!

Updating of the BB works. Every 4 seconds a thininstacned box is moved outside the big box and the BB is reacting respectively:


Hi @roland!

Yay! Thank you! You saved my life!
Now I understand the difference between a thinInstancePartialBufferUpdate and thinInstanceSetMatrixAt!

By the way, you have a cool avatar too! :wink:

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