Issue with OrderIndependentTransparency and axesViewer (+ EdgesRendering?)

I’m not quite sure who’s fault it is (OIT or AV), but if we use axesViewer with useOrderIndependentTransparency, the axesViewer disappear from view and we get the following error :


If we’re also using EdgeRendering, the edges are not rendered as long as the axesViewer is (theoretically) on screen.

See this playground to test it

Will changing the rendering group ID be an acceptable solution in your case?

axesViewer + useOrderIndependentTransparency + EdgeRendering issue | Babylon.js Playground (

Thanks! Yes, it fixes the problem for me.

It was not a “big” issue for me – I used the AxesViewer for debug purposes only and will not show it on the final product anyways. (But still, I spent a bit too much trying to debug my code before finding out that this was the cause.)

Is it a bug? I don’t think having warnings in the console and having things disappear from view (probably caused by the error) is the desired behavior – but I know it’s a weird edge case while combining multiple things together, including a beta feature, so it’s normal for things like that to happen.

(I didn’t mark @RaananW’s answer as the “solution” because I think there’s something to be fixed in the code. If there isn’t, I’ll try to come back add the :heavy_check_mark: )

@sebavan - adding you to the “is it a bug” conversation :slight_smile:

This is definitely something we do not support at the moment. Adding @CraigFeldspar to the thread as he is the brilliant mind behind OIT


OIT support is still limited, we know it works on basic cases, but when you add more features to the rendering pipeline, we are still in un-tested land :slight_smile: