Order independent transparency Bugs with bump texture and rendering pipeline

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we are having two issues with Order independent transparency in Babylon 5.1.0.
Both happen when OIT is set to true.

  1. When a rendering pipeline is created with the hdr flag set to true, the sorting of the transparent objects break (the front side disappears).

  2. When a material with a bump texture is rendered, wireframe like artifacts appear on the material.

We created this playground for reproduction:

Every help, hint or fix is appreciated :slight_smile:

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cc @CraigFeldspar

Bump bump @CraigFeldspar

There is indeed a bug with bump + OIT that comes from shader derivatives (dfdx and dfdy) being equal to 0, probably because some code paths from OIT don’t reach the derivative calculation. I’m still looking for a proper way to fix it, as safeguarding dfdx values has proven to be breaking bump.
In the meantime, I would advise to either disable bump or disable OIT, whichever is less important visually in your case

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