Issues with animation curve editor

I have some slight issues with animation curve editor, which I think is really amazing tool in the Babylon ecosystem! I hope people do know of its existance!

Anyways, I’m trying to do two animations that need to be in exact sync (30 frames), but it seems that the exact length is 29,6323 frames instead of 30 frames… Now, in the editor I see this:

However, it seems to be few numbers away from 30, and there is no way to kind of snap the end balls to 30 frames. The ending precision kind of bugs me, since I would like to first say that everything is exactly 30 frames long… But it seems to be really hard to do in the editor afterwards… Any ideas what to do with this, other than edit the json itself?

Also, undo would be nice feature :wink:

Doesn’t it snap when you select a node, enter a value in the “frame” field (top left) then press “enter” ?


Now that you say it, it does I think! It is a bit confusing though since it does say 30 right there even though it is 29,6323! :laughing: Seems that enter did the trick…

Another question now that I remembered it… Why can’t we add new type of animations to animation group when we are able to open an animation group in the ace? The plus button is missing…

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@Panuchka, I agree with you that there are some quality-of-life features that are missing from the tool. While there are some authoring features in the tool, it is still more of an editor than a complete authoring tool. You can certainly make a feature request and we can triage when we can get to it, but we don’t see a ton of usage of the animation curve editor (we don’t have direct metrics, only a subjective measure of interaction through the forum) but if we can see more interest in the tool, we can certainly add more to it. We just have to balance the investment in this tool with the many other DCC authoring tools available for animation. The main use of this tool is for animating elements created directly in Babylon. But some of this also crosses into the territory of a Babylon editor which we also can’t fund with our available resources. But please do make any feature requests for things that would make your workflow better and we will include it in our exercise of picking features to fund for the next release.