Itallgoestoshit - a dementia art thing

Hey y’all! Been using BabylonJS for a quite some time now and decided I should show a little something I made a while back when I was getting comfortable with the library.


The whole experience takes a bit of time to ramp up, but hopefully it’s worth the wait.

Not sure how well it runs on lower-end machines, may revisit this for optimizations sometime.

Feedback always welcome.

Github repo


WOW~ This is really COOOOL!
NOTE: For people who are sensitive to flicker, please use it with caution.


FYI: Quickly tested on my ‘relic’ and (as you expected) pretty much unusable on lower-end rig :grin:
Else, the ambiance and lighting is awesome.
As for the distorsion thingy, I’m not a fan of it, I have to admit (never been, and even less while getting older :older_adult:) Looks like my old brain cannot cope anymore with this ‘under mushrooms or LSD’ feeling. :dizzy_face: :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t try again any of these substances either. I believe, I would likely get a heart attack :heartbeat: :stethoscope: :rofl:

Very powerful atmosphere :slight_smile:
About optimizations, it might be worth taking a look into the performance priority modes to see if they work as a quick solution? Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Ah, yes I was looking into it for another project, may have to see what I can do for this one. Thanks for the reminder!