It's Christmas!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone. Made a quick little scene using Kenney’s holiday pack. Do check it out. Had planned a lot more but couldn’t finish in time for the festival. Anyway here it is : It’s Christmas

Happy holidays!

The Wingnut Chronicles

Hi @abhivaidya ,
I have a doubt ,did you made this scene with babylon online editor,or coded full.


Hey @madclaws,

I actually put the scene together in the three.js editor and exported a GLB from there and imported it into Babylon. For some reason the Babylon editor just wouldn’t import GLB files for me. Hence this workflow.





Pinging @julien-moreau for the editor


@abhivaidya ;

Just thought I would let you know that I spent the day with my 2 year old grand daughter having Christmas fun. At one point we spent some time on her dad’s computer , so I ran your Christmas scene - she loved it!!

The little lady held the edge of the desk, and started shaking her body to the music, just like Santa, then she became fascinated with the snowflakes - pointing at them and calling her dad to see them. Then she finally discovered the “snowman” . We had 5-10 minutes of absolute fun.

Later in the afternoon she kept asking to see Santa again - so we went back and repeated the whole performance.

Us old folks can sometimes get very blasé about demos etc but you will never know how much fun you gave that little girl this afternoon. So, thank you :slight_smile:

cheers, gryff ::slight_smile:


So cute!! My 3 years old loved it as well


Hey @gryff,

That’s so so so heartening to read and know. Thank you for the lovely feedback!

Lots of love to the young princess!



Thank you @Deltakosh for the kind words and also the lovely library!


Hey @abhivaidya,
Was the editor crashing while importing the GLB file? Or you got an error popup ?


Hi @julien-moreau,

The error that I get when trying to import a GLB or an OBJ/MTL file is something as below:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to execute ‘readAsText’ on ‘FileReader’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Blob’.

at Function.Tools.ReadFile (babylon.max.js:2430)
at eval (editor.js:1)
at new Promise ()
at Function.eval (editor.js:1)
at step (editor.js:1)
at Object.eval [as next] (editor.js:1)
at eval (editor.js:1)
at new Promise ()
at __awaiter (editor.js:1)
at Function.Tools.ReadFile



Wooooooops! Fixing ASAP thank you for reporting :slight_smile:


Anyway, it is not possible to import meshes from gltf files for instance, only scene loading is enabled (by drag’n’dropping the gltf or glb file)


Thanks @julien-moreau


Will publish a new version ASAP which allows to import meshes from .babylon, gltf and glb files :slight_smile: