JS13KGames Jam Project - Sculpting Done Quick

Here’s what I made over the month using Babylon. I made a bunch of SPSs for blocks of sculpting. It works best in XR (I used an Oculus Quest), but you can get a taste using arrow keys/mouse clicks.


I spent a lot of the time not able to figure out how to highlight or outline the individual particles under the cursor/pointer, and I never got that feature in. I also found out that the shader I used wasn’t able to cast shadows or be shaded, so it makes distinguishing blocks on the same row difficult.

This is so cool! I still like it even without shadows:)

Feel free to open questions about your two issues (with repro in the playground) so we can collectively make your game better ;D

I’ve got a list of issues I had using BJS and I’ll probably spend some time making individual forum posts on each. For a preview check out the README