Keep losing my eyeballs (blender mesh+rig problem)

Hi all!
I’ve been working with a model exported from Unity and come across this problem where the eyeballs (and some accessories) of my characters get left behind after I parent a t-pose character to a Mixamo animated rig.

This is just a Blender problem (everything works same when i export to glb/babylon). Anyone have a Blender tip? Sound like a familiar problem to anyone?

Here’s a screensnap - guy leaves his sunglasses and sash behind when he starts to tip-toe. To parent the mesh to rig, i did: select mesh, then select armature, then control-p, then select armature deform with automatic weights.

Blend/Glb here: (1.3 MB)

Hello, a few questions from me about your issue.

What do you mean by “eyes”? I can’t tell if you’re referring to the mesh pieces that look like eye-brows or now.

If the eyes are from your texture are called color-atlas-new2.png, you forgot to pack the image in your blend, so I can’t really help you there.

If the eyes are indeed from your image texture, it’s possible because your texture isn’t exporting with your model because of one key element:

  • You don’t have a UV node attached to your Image Texture node to indicate to the exporter which UV to use for your texture. If an Image Texture doesn’t have one on export, the image isn’t exported with the glTF / GLB model.

Also, your accessories seems to haven exported fine, judging by the accessories I see from the GLB model you shared.

Apologies, could. have been more clear. By “eyes” i meant the sunglasses - (in other characters im animating in the same way, they are actually eyes), but the problem is: these parts of the mesh being left behind, while the rest of the character animates.

@PirateJC might know a trick ?

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First try to select the MESHES (body, sunglass, oval thing) holding doen the shift KEY, the Shift select the Armature.

If it were me, just joining those two meshes to the body would be the preferred solution. This is both because you are unlikely to have the character take their glasses off, and the first way also requires that all three meshes have the same origin.

@bigrig I second @JCPalmer’s suggestion. I’d try actually making the accessories a part of the mesh and see if that desired outcome works for you. The individual pieces can be combined with the human mesh without the pieces needing to be seamed up to it. In other words they can still be free-floating, but just included geometry under the original mesh.

I suspect the issue has to do with skinning? That those pieces aren’t skinned to the rig and therefore ignoring any animation? Just a hunch.

Thx all. Yea, the accessories are a part of the mesh. That’s the weird thing, for sure! And yea, did shift and shift-select with same results. Will keep digging and will report back when i solve. Thx.

Got help from a Blender pro on Upwork. He suggested i buy a plugin called AutoRig-Pro, which I did, and it fixed the issue with the click of a button. “Bind” was that button. Not exactly sure what it did under the hood (since it seemed to me that all of the meshes were already attached to each other… but go figure)

Don’t question the “Auto”


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