KiwiQuads - FPV Racing Drone Customiser

Hi everyone,
Oliver from KiwiQuads here.

I just finished building an app for our website using BabylonJS and React.

I’d like to share it with you all here and say thank you very much for the fantastic engine and great documentation. The examples and forum questions all made it such a breeze to finish this project.

Here’s a direct link

Thanks again,


During the loading I’m able to see the menu, but once the 3D scene is shown, I can only change Canopy color

I’m on Win10 64b - Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64b) (same on Firefox Nightly)

Nice, you should create a PR on the website to feature your work :slight_smile:

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right here:

drones in webGL <3

Look good.

I’m on a 13" MacBook Air and had to scroll up and down to select the objects and colours.

I’d shrink the selectors so its it fits on one screen or maybe when you select the fans the selector for that product drops dow.