Light baking in unreal engine and render the exported gltf in babylonjs

Hi All,

is it possible to render the gltf exported from unreal engine, where the lighting is baked?

found that there’s a uasset folder generated during the exporting, how should we unpack/convert it into a format that could be recognized by BS and render the baked lighting correctly?

much appreciated your help in advance, dealing with light is really not a easy job… any further tools / utilities that could help us achieving better lighting effect in BS is more than expected…

If you drag & drop the .gltf file + the asset folder into the sandbox it should work.

The easiest way to deal with this, however, would be to convert the file + folder to a .glb, which is self contained. I’m sure there are a lot of tools to do this, I’m using Microsoft Apps.

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I drag & drop in sandbox, but still not seeing the light baking texture

That’s probably because glTF does not support lightmaps.

To be sure it’s not a problem on Babylon.js side, can you try in another glTF viewer (like

Excuse me to step into your thread, but I need to know exactly the same. How do you bake lightmaps inside Unreal and how to export glTF from it?