Exporting baked textures and model from Max to glTF

Hi everyone, I’m very new to the whole glTF thing and have been playing around in Max with the Babylon exporter. I went through the Max documentation and the PBR documentation and managed to successfully export a small scene, but am now completely stuck on the next one.

I’ve got a simple cube with holes in it that I have lit and then baked the textures and lighting.

This is what it looks like.

I’d like to export this using the Babylon exporter but I don’t understand how to do this so only the lighting information from the baked textures is used. No matter what I do, the exporter seems to add a skybox and environment light and I can’t just get the baked light. I’ve unchecked “Create default skybox” in the settings but it doesn’t seem to work.

Would really appreciate it if someone could help me out!

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Hello and welcome

pinging @Drigax

Hi @Sabinnie, welcome to the forums!

Can you share your source and exported scenes? This may be a “default light” that we add to the scenes. I remember talking with @bghgary regarding how “convenient” it is to add lights to our exported scene on behalf of the user like so:

Is this similar to what you’re encountering?

Hi Drigax, thanks so much for getting back. Yes, that’s the problem I am having, when I export and run it in Babylon sandbox, I get the skybox and environment textures added no matter what I do. But I need just my model and the baked texture that I’ve applied to it without any additional lighting - all the lighting info is already in my baked texture.

Right now I also get crazy reflective black surfaces for my model when I export it with Babylon, and I don’t really understand why.

I can’t seem to upload files to the forum so I’ve added my scene and gtlf export to Dropbox here:

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Hi. First of all you need second channel uvw map for your lightmaps and ambient occlusion maps. You can copy your uvw from first to second channel. Second thing you cant export lightmaps directly from 3ds max into gltf because no slot in 3ds max materials target to lightmap only for ambient occlusion 3DSMax to glTF - Babylon.js Documentation. But you can load lightmap texture separete and assign to your material. Lights - Babylon.js Documentation
You can use baked texture directly as diffuse texture but this is bad idea for correct working with pbr rendering pipelines.

And you cant see lightmaps textures in sandbox because you can’t export them.