Light Gizmo Bounding Box

I’m trying to visualize the direction/range of lights in Babylon and so far I’ve been able to add a light gizmo and see the position/rotation gizmo but I can’t see the bounding box of the light. For a point light for example I’d like to see the spherical bounding box that represents the range of that light.

I modified this playground to show what I have so far, this is using a directional light but the concepts should be the same:

This is my method in my project:

CreateGizmos(customLight: Light) {

    const lightGizmo: LightGizmo = new LightGizmo();

    lightGizmo.scaleRatio = 2;

    lightGizmo.light = customLight;

    const gizmoManager: GizmoManager = new GizmoManager(this.scene);

    gizmoManager.positionGizmoEnabled = true;

    gizmoManager.rotationGizmoEnabled = true;

    gizmoManager.usePointerToAttachGizmos = false;


   gizmoManager.boundingBoxGizmoEnabled = true;

    //lightGizmo.attachedMesh!.showBoundingBox = true;


I thought the boundingBoxGizmoEnabled would have shown the bounding box for that light but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Do I need to adjust some other property in order to see it?

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This is not a supported feature, but a nice idea for @Cedric ?


Just so we’re clear, I’m referring to this type of visual bounding “box”:

In Unity for the point and spot lights, you get a bounding box of sorts that shows the range/direction/angle. I’d love to have something like that in BabylonJS, would make creating and placing lights in a scene a lot easier.

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Yes, indeed, it would be a great addition to Babylonjs.

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