Light not emitting

Hello, In my example Babylon.js Playground I create 4 lights. For some reasons the fourth one is not emitting any light. Looking at the inspector everything seem right, but for some reasons it doesn’t render right. I am sure I am missing something.

Arg, I reply to myself. The max number of lights per material is 4 as per documentation Lights - Babylon.js Documentation, thus I had to increase maxSimultaneousLights to 5.

The documentation suggests to not increase this number too hight otherwise on low perf devices Babylon will decrease it. How do you handle a case where you have a long hallway with more spotlights, let’s say 20?

In a long hallway you can use includeOnlyMeshes or excludeMeshes on the light to limit what they impact as most of them won t impact the full length of the hallway.