Lines around meshes with alpha textures

Hey guys I’m facing a issue that my texture shows a line on the top of the mesh I added. The texture has alfa, but for some reason it shows a line on its top, its being happening with every mesh texture that I added on the project, but for some reason it changes depending of the deviceI access the project.

By the way the texture doesn’t have that line on its top, it also shows depending of the angle we look at it.

Here’s a playground that shows the current issue: Babylon.js Playground

I also have the project live, here I only see the issue on the fence behind the houses, not on the mountains at the back: CATRUN - A JavaScript and BabylonJS game!!@!!!!!!!!1111ONZE

This issue seems to be quite intermitent, but Im not sure, is that a bug or I messed up something? :thinking:

Try using clamp instead of wrap for the address mode like on line 34. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!