Links to playgrounds dead because of main URL

I find a lot of useful answers on this forum but in many posts the playground link seems dead. Took me a while to figure out that I need to replace… with

Is there a way that a redirect plugin, or manual redirect could be done that makes all those valuable playgrounds visible again?

cc @RaananW

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well both links work for me

Can you share a forum post with a dead link?

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Yeah, the base URL works. But all playgrounds that are linked from this forum to only work if I change the URL.

Here’s a thread: Find the end of a ray/ new function?

Here’s one directly from that thread
Does not work (white window):
The playground works after changing the URL to:

I guess you could search and replace on all posts with “Babylon.js Playground” to “Babylon.js Playground

We will make both links work :wink: (cc @RaananW )

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both are working for me. anyone else experiencing issues with the domains?

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both work for me as well

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Hmmm… It might turn out to be a brave browser problem… If so I am terribly sorry!!

But, to my defense, the brave shield is down when I test both URLs. 3D stuff or even virtual tours (photography) do not work with the shield up. So I turn it off anytime I want to look at 3D or virtual tours.

Just tested in Chrome and both links work for me as well there.


No need to apologize :slight_smile:

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I had the opposite problem worked did not work

tried different browser (chrome,firefox,edge) and had the same issue
but worked in incognito mode.

Clearing cookies resolved it


Thanks @satguru !! I can confirm that in Brave the links work when in a private window and after clearing the cookies. Strange but hey!

(had to move the solution to @satguru’s post - sue me! :slight_smile: )

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I’m very glad it is working now. Those two domains are forwarded to the same source, so they should always be the same. If they are not we have to check why.

lawsuit is being prepared as I write. :slight_smile:

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Give me all you’ve got! :slight_smile:

BTW, at this point, a great thank you to all the people chiming in, the tone and manner in which responses come across and the great effort the admins and developer put into BabylonJS so guys like me, 3D artists coding level, can make use of this and present our 3D content on the web. Interactive, sexy and painless (to a certain degree).

Thank you all!! Big hug!