Playground http links are obsolete

for security reasons, most websites migrated to https, so did babylon’s playground page. The problem is that you still find a lot of “old” links to http version (specially in this forum). When this happens you have to manually chage http to https. Would it be possible to adapt the .htacces file to redirect to the https version ? this would avoid a lot of dead links. Thanks.

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It should redirect to https already… it does for me.

In Chrome and Opera it redirects perfectly fine,
Microsoft Edge of course wants to be special (ms products often does :wink:) so throws a error…

The core team should be back tomorrow, maybe they can do something about that :slight_smile:

htaccess is not the only way, you know :smirk:

It’s already configured to redirect to HTTPS using both DNS and 301 redirect. If it doesn’t work on a specific browser I’ll have to check tomorrow why.

On this note, there are more than one defunct playgrounds available via ‘search’. Though many are quite good (and still provide valuable context); it would be nice if we could flag this quality. I’ve long been a proponent of this cause, however inept at implementing it. A 5 star PG rating system + Directory could go a long way.

Just to separate the chaff, ykwim.

There is nothing better as a newcomer to the lib than finding a sexy functional 5star PG relating to what you want to accomplish.

I have to mention I personally (def not solely) would also be much more willing to create/share PGs with such a ranked directory.

A star rating+modern flag and a title/descrip, perhaps.

But yah know I’m just a beggar.

Redirection does not work in firefow 73.0.1 nor in edge, same response, same status (400 : bad request), i’m not expert, but as far as I know, a redirection should return status 301 and redirect user to corresponding https url :

The account being accessed does not support http.

    HttpStatusCode: 400
    ErrorCode: AccountRequiresHttps
    RequestId : 988e3435-601e-0097-5e61-f01052000000
    TimeStamp : 2020-03-02T07:06:35.2307761Z

Thanks :slight_smile: . The redirect is present:

Edge seems to not follow the path correctly.
I’ll see what’s possible to do with it

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@RaananW : still doesn’t work for me, and in your snapshot there is something strange, your urls are *** (with a dash), but the usual url is “” with a dot before babylon

now it works !! youhoo

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I think you misread my answer. Or very persistent.

I said - I will check that :slight_smile:
The redirect is configured. The playground has two acceptable URLs - AND .

ok sorry If I “misread your answer”, my english is a little poor. The problem is now fixed, thank you :ok_hand:

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What do you mean with defunct? Not working / compiling?

Will be hard to inspect (we’ll need to compile it server-side and check if exports something).

please don’t take it the wrong way, it was just the second time i promised to look into that

The problem is still there on the playground subdomain, i updated the documentation and will check what is the main cause of the 400 (instead of 301)

Ok, i reconfigured the redirects to make sure they support all requests. should be fine with both domains. Make sure you refresh at least once if you still get 400.

I tend to peruse PG on my handi-capable mobile android device. So whether the PG functions or not is one point, but even on desktop, some PG are simply not of note. Do I just trust the first search result is the most relevant?

PG search results seem a crap-shoot.

We expect people to set the metadata of the playground if they want to present it and want it to be easily found. but we will never ever tell people experimenting or playing around with the framework “please do us a favor and don’t save this”.

The first result is not always the right one. and the last result is not always the most correct one. it took us a while to agree that playground should be searchable. And we do know it is hard to find those gems. But it is a public playground where everyone can share babylon code. You wouldn’t expect to start searching through jsfiddle for Object.freeze examples. This will be pure chaos.

We are thinking about ways to improve the playground (and the playground search) all the time. If you have a suggestion you can present it (in a different thread, preferably). I would also recommend kindly not to use the term crap-shoot (or any resembling term) if you want someone to answer. Regarding your two last posts, paraphrasing Orwell’s “The animal farm” - First post good, second post bad!

Yeah all I’m suggesting is a rating system, potentially two-fold: quality and modernity.

At present, searching PGs for a desired result returns a pure, unequivocal “CRAP-SHOOT”.

There is no preview, there are no comments, there is no rating. The result is a plain and simple Crap-Shoot.

If there was an indicator that the results were not a crap-shoot, that would be swell, but until then there is no better descriptor than “crap shoot” for what a PG search may return.

So if you want creators to provide the meta-data to prevent the clear crap-shoot which is PG search return results, maybe that could be more clear.