Video Texture not showing properly in Apple / IOS devices

Hello All.

I am new to BabylonJS and I have tried this sample in web browsers in desktop, android os and apple/ iOS devices.

I have downloaded the sample and set it up in localhost and is working correctly in desktop and android but the video texture does not appear in iOS (in any browser). Am I missing something? I have a separate project, which I cannot disclose at the moment, and I am facing the same problem. While it runs perfectly in desktop and android devices, I cannot make the video texture work properly in apple devices.

Thank you so much for your help.

Hello and welcome!

Can you tell us if you have any error in the console on mac maybe? or any network issue?

maybe you need to serve the content from a https server?

Hi @bluelupinemary, could you share which version of iOS you are on? Your Playground seems to work for me on iOS 13 and Mac.

Awesome Playground by the way :slight_smile: