Load model from html input!

Hello guys,
I am newbie. I’m trying to upload model with html input (.glb or.gltf).
Anyone knows how i can do that.
Many thanks!!

Welcome aboard!

If what you need is to use your own assets in playgrounds, this doc will help: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

If it’s something else then sorry I did not understand!

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Hi @Hoai_Le and welcome. For your own webpage see

Thanks for your help.
I want to do a project with babylonjs. But I have a question that should I work with manual code or use babylonjs’ editor or playground?

Use the playground to try out ideas or to get help. For your own project work with and IDE such as Visual Studio Code or the Babylon.js editor if it suits you.

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Remember: There are some software (now i’m talking about employee monitoring software) that can detect this action as “inappropriate to working process” so do not forget to add babylon.js to the exceptions